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Upgraded Raffle by tasukigirl

There's a story behind this.  :iconjunkeemunky: and :iconmishi: are some of my earliest cosplay friends. They have been great supporters and mentors over the past few years and now that they are in a tough spot, I want to do what I can to help them.  

These ladies dropped everything to move across the country last year to pursue mishi's dream of attending graduate school in England. It was a big risk for them and they thought they had it all planned out. But a brief trip to Ankara to visit junkeemunky's family was riddled with bad luck and problems and even more problems trying to get visas to the UK. What should have been a year long dream come true turned into a nightmare. They have been stuck in Ankara with Junkeemunky's family since September and neither have visas that allow them to legally work and they've been slowly seeing their savings dwindle paying bills back home. Their goal in all of this is very simple. They started a GoFundMe ( to raise airfare to make it back to the states and start over again. Claire (mishi) was accepted into her top choice for graduate school, the University of Washington and is hoping to make it home to start working and save money for tuition, setting up a new living situation, etc.

Anything we give them to make it back home is appreciated.  But to add some incentive, I am starting a raffle. It is open to anyone who has a US mailing address.  Meaning, if you live in another country, but have someone I can ship to in the U.S., that's good enough for me. 

To enter: 
- Donate $5 to Claire and Natalie's GoFundMe:
- Each ticket is $5 so if you donate say $25, that's 5 tickets!
- You can make a fake name, but please do not donate anonymously. I will use the donors list to verify payments
- Drop me a line here, or in my tumblr ask ( or on my Facebook wall ( Notify me of your donor name and the amount.  I will try to edit this post to reflect all the entries so you can be sure I didn't miss you!

- I will accept entries until Friday, March 28th. Winner will be announced March 29th at noon, PST and contacted for their address.
ALSO! if you're donating, may as well enter for TWO prizes. Subitoallegra is also raffling off a SIGNED copy of A Game of Thrones. Details can be found here:…  

If you have any questions or would like more information, don't hesitate to ask! If you want to ask privately, send me a note! I'd be more than happy to put any concerns to rest. :) 
junkeemunky Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're the BEST!! <3
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March 2, 2014


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